Technical and Commercial Writing

I am a confident non-fiction and technical writer, having produced my own textbooks for English Language A-level, Psychology A-level and Creative Writing A-level, and been commissioned by a major exam board to write materials for their website. I have also copy-written for other websites and helped to produce marketing materials.

Notepad and pen
Writer’s block?

In these days of unedited social media content, well-written copy really makes a business stand out.  If you would like your business’ webpages or marketing brochures to create a truly professional impression, with impeccable grammar as well as informative, descriptive, persuasive or entertaining prose, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fees will range depending on the type of document, the amount of research or creativity involved and the number of edits.

Through either personal knowledge or professional contacts, I can also offer translation from French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Dutch into English and from English into French or Dutch (other languages may be available on request).

NEVER use Google translate or other machine-translation tools in a professional context – they are often wildly inaccurate and sometimes completely incomprehensible, giving a completely unprofessional impression of your business.

I also have excellent professional contacts in graphic design, and special prices can be negotiated if you wish to combine design and copy-writing. Web-hosting can be arranged at competitive prices.