Creative Writing

Creative Writing for Individuals or Groups

Have you always believed you have a novel in you? Maybe you’ve always written poems in notebooks and then tucked them away, afraid to show them to the world. Perhaps you or someone you love has an amazing life story to tell, but you have no idea of how to start recording it.

Female writer at her typewriter

As an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and sympathetic teacher of creative writing, I am the ideal person to help you fulfil your writing dreams. I can offer 1:1 tuition, mentoring, or small group workshops in poetry, prose, non-fiction or script, either working with your existing ideas or helping you to come up with new ones. I firmly believe that anyone can write, but also that anyone can improve their writing skills with a little knowledge and a lot of encouragement. By studying poetic forms, archetypal characters or narrative structure, or by being pointed towards good models of the type of writing you want to do, you can gain confidence and a much clearer understanding of how to achieve the results you want.

If your problem is not knowing where to start with your writing, or you always feel you suffer from ‘writer’s block‘, I can teach techniques to get the pen moving across the page or the fingers tapping on the keyboard without that inner critic getting in the way.

Price will vary depending on the number of participants and amount of preparation involved, but is likely to be in the range of £25 – £35 per hour.

Writing workshops can also be arranged as part of special events or for community groups, including support groups for the elderly or people with mental health problems. Life writing or fiction can be paths to greater self-awareness and self-confidence and can stimulate memory. Do get in touch if you think your event or group could be enhanced by a one- or two-hour writing workshop, or an ongoing writing project. Fees will depend on the timing, location and number of participants.

Creative writing is also an ideal enrichment activity in schools or as part of an after-school club, and fun workshops can be designed for any age from KS2-KS5. If your school would like a lunchtime or after-school writing group, or a one-off writing workshop as part of a special project, I would be delighted to help. Email with the outline of what you are looking for, and a fee can be negotiated.