Languages for Leisure

We all know that the British are famous for not speaking other languages, but are you the sort of person who wants to prove that wrong? Maybe you regularly visit another European country or are thinking or retiring abroad. Maybe you have friends or business contacts you would like to impress by speaking to them in their own language. Or maybe you are planning a special holiday and would like to show the local people you have made the effort to learn the basics. Perhaps you just want to stretch yourself by doing something new.

Foreign language books and dictionaries
Foreign language books and dictionaries

Group classes are harder to find these days as adult education budgets have been cut, and in any case some people find they move too quickly or too slowly, or don’t cover the areas they need. So why not book your own personal course of lessons in the language of your choice, for one to four people? Lessons can be tailored precisely to your area of interest and your prior knowledge and can be timed to suit you.

Languages available are:

  • French – any level
  • German – up to intermediate level
  • Spanish – up to intermediate level
  • Mandarin Chinese – beginners

If you are looking for a class in another language, do contact me as I may know of an existing class or a tutor for you.