A Comprehensive Grammar Of the English Language by Randolph Quirk

Lord Quirk dies, but the English Language hasn’t!

Charles Randolph Quirk, Quain Professor of English Language and Literature at UCL, has died. He of the quirky name loved the English language and presided over surveys of its usage, wrote about its evolution from Anglo-Saxon times, and numerous grammars and tomes about its teaching.
The Use Of English by Randolph Quirk
The Use Of English by Randolph Quirk

“Language is power and too much English teaching today is denying pupils their full chance of wielding that power.” – Lord Quirk

His belief in communication skills led to the Government Inquiry – The Quirk Report (1972), which examined UK speech therapy services and continues to form the basis of current services.
“Quirk always emphasised that the teaching of Standard English is essential if all children, regardless of social background, are to be given opportunities in life.” – Daily Telegraph obituary
He leaves behind a ream of books on the teaching of English, communication, dialect, grammar and more…

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